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Ultipatch Pothole Repair (25kg)

Ultipatch Pothole Repair (25kg) TM0009E-2

  • €25.00

Ultipatch Pothole enables permanent fast highway repairs, enables increased productivity and reduces disruption to road users, in all weather conditions. Designed specifically for small scale repairs, the modern binder technology enables quick, effective repair of carriageways all year round. Faster completion times improve productivity and avoid disruption to road users.

  • Fast & Efficient: ULTIPATCH Pothole enables fast repairs, increasing productivity and reducing disruption to road users.
  • Faster Repairs: Quick to lay and open to traffic earlier than other materials, providing increased productivity for the repair teams and less disruption to the road user.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our specially developed binder improves workability and the longer term durability of the repair compared to conventional deferred set materials.
  • Ultimate Versatility: Designed for small scale multi-layer repairs in all road types. Available in bulk, bags and tubs provides an efficient method of repair to the increasing number of potholes in our highways.
  • Reduced Risk: Quicker pothole repairs will reduce the potential risk of personal injury claims, decreasing the level of payouts and the cost of administration.