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ULTIPATCH Edgemaster Edge Sealer

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster Edge Sealer TM0009E-EM

  • €17.95

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ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is an edge sealer spray for road repairs.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is a High bond bitumen tack coat and sealer for use in conjunction with ULTIPATCH Cold lay repair and reinstatement materials.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster will increase the bond strength of the macadam material to the substrate, whilst simultaneously acting to waterproof the application area – these two key properties of ULTIPATCH Edgemaster help to improve the macadam’s overall performance through preventing water ingress and subsequent freeze / thaw damage which helps to create a long lasting permanent repair.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is a tack coat and edge sealer spray for road repairs.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is an emulsion based bituminous aerosol, designed to complement Tarmac’s ULTIPATCH Pothole and ULTIPATCH Footway repair and reinstatement products.

ULTIPATCH Edgemaster is supplied in 750ml aerosol cans. Used directly from the can, ULTIPATCH Edgemaster completely covers the whole area and its CFC-free propellant ensures the tightest corners are reached.