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  • €699.00
  • Save €151


Looking for a proven, rugged, reliable general construction laser? A laser you can count on to increase quality and efficiency? A laser that provides maximum impact at a minimum price? You’ve found it. The RL-H5A construction laser meets all of your job site needs, from layout to grade control. Great distance, high-accuracy and steep slopes — The RL-H5A combines the functionalities of three lasers in one.


  • Simple, intuitive manual slope match capability with automatic cross axis self-leveling
  • Fast, automatic self-leveling
  • Rugged construction with dual handles and IP66 water-resistant housing
  • Up to 100 hours of production from dry batteries
  • Automatic height of instrument alert (HI alert)
  • Optimally focused beam provides long 2,600ft. (800m) operating radius
  • Machine control compatible
  • 10 arc second accuracy
  • 635nm visible red beam laser diode
  • Universal rod clamp for LS series sensor
  • New rugged carrying case that fits standard package plus extra LS sensor and LS-B10 machine mounted laser sensor. Extra LS sensor and LS-B10 sold separately
  • The Battery can be replaced without taking laser off the tripod
  • Cross axis levelling active when setting or matching slope
  • Slope memory saving reset time after unit has been switched off
  • Long range, 5% slope and 600 rpm rotation ideal for machine control applications
  • Topcon 5 year peace of mind warranty cover

RL-H5A Laser specs:

  • Alignment Gun Sights in both axis
  • Dual Handles for left or right Hand Grip
  • Improved Battery Door Knob Latch
  • Improved sealing now IP66 Protection truly water and dust proof
  • 1.2mm per 30m accuracy
  • 5 degree self leveling range
  • IP66 water proof

LS-80L Receiver

  • Long range sensor, 800 metres
  • 2 way communication with laser giving height alert and low battery warning
  • 1mm fine / 2mm normal accuracy
  • Front and rear display
  • 1.2mm per 30m accuracy
  • 5 degree self leveling range
  • IP66 water proof


  • RL-H5A Unit (Laser)
  • LS-80LD detector
  • Rugged carry case
  • 4 x D Batteries
  • Dome Top Tripod
  • 5m 5 Piece Staff