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Topcon HiPer SR

Topcon HiPer SR HiPer SR

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A single carrying case containing two of your Topcon HiPer SR receivers empowers you to make radically different choices based on the project in front of you. Straight forward,

two units perform with minimal effort using a base to rover LongLink communication method.

As the project size grows, each of the two HiPer SR receivers quickly morph into two unique network rover receivers.

Further, same two HiPer SR units are also flexible enough to host a MAGNET Relay mobile reference station session. No project too large, no environment too harsh.


Capable of tracking GPS and GLONASS constellations

Universal Tracking Channels capable of all-in-view tracking

Hybrid Positioning ready

Signal scrubbing Fence Antenna® to provide ultimate signal lock

Highest accuracy positioning for RTK, network, and more


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