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Ticab Diesel Engine Bitumen Recycler

Ticab Diesel Engine Bitumen Recycler RA-800

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Asphalt Recycler RA-800 with its own motor and hydraulic drive is a mobile complex for asphalt production / processing. This equipment can produce 800 kg of high quality asphalt mixture per every 15-20 minutes from asphalt scrap, milling, bitumen, crushed stone, sand, as well as allows you to heat up the working material and work with it on site for paving / replacement of asphalt.

Asphalt recycling, mini asphalt plant Heating with a diesel burner 
Productivity (per hour): 1800-2100 kg of asphalt (excluding material loading time)
Capacity of the hydraulic station oil tank: 30 liters
Capacity of the burner fuel tank: 100 liters
Engine type: diesel generator 7.5 kW, (10 hp)
Type of control: manual
Mixture heating temperature: 120-180 ° C
Type of stirring device drive: hydraulic
Transport speed with full load: 20 km/h
Operated by two men