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Ticab Bitumen Hotbox

Ticab Bitumen Hotbox HB-2

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The HOTBOX HB-2 is made to save appropriate properties of a hot asphalt. It is necessary during transport of the asphalt from plant to repair place.

With Asphalt Hot Box HB-2 by TICAB TM you can deliver hot asphalt from the asphalt plant to the place of road works, with minimal heating loss.

Thermal insulation of the container with quality mineral wool allows to keep the working temperature of the asphalt up to 12 hours without additional heating. At the same time, the HB-2 is additionally equipped with a Beckett diesel heating system and a Thermal Controller. HB-2 is equipped with a hydraulic lifting system. There is a manhole on the top of the tank for loading the hot asphalt.

Asphalt Hot Box HB-2 is easily mounted on the truck body or on a trailer.

  • whole year work;
  • last payback;
  • comparably higher repair quality using “hot-to-hot” technology;
  • automatic asphalt temperature controller;
  • diesel burner;
  • autonomous hydraulic system;
  • powered by car battery;
  • mounted on a truck or trailer;
  • Tank capacity 1.3 m3 (2 tons of hot asphalt)