Thermoplastic Disabled Parking Symbols

Thermoplastic Disabled Parking Symbols SIGN012

  • €99.00

Why wait for the line-marking companies when you can do this yourself?

So easy to use, all you need is a torch or burner.

Premade thermoplastic designs provide a cost effective solution to installing long lasting, durable markings. Easily applied, quick drying, advanced formulation achieves optimum adhesion, reflectivity and skid resistance for all roadway and private demarcation requirements. Simply lay on the ground and heat with a torch or burner.

All signs are regulation size and certified.

  • Quick and easy self-application
  • No contractor fees
  • Quick Drying
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Highly durable, long lasting markings
  • No plastic backing removal
  • Pre-beaded for reflective and anti-slip properties
  • Markings can be trafficked within minutes of application

As used by County Councils, Utility Companies and Building Contractors.