Temporary Reflective Road Studs (Cats Eyes) - Strip of 5

Temporary Reflective Road Studs (Cats Eyes) - Strip of 5 T3A PRT1

  • €14.95

Temporary cats eyes have  hot melt pad already in place.  To install, simply heat the road surface and press the stud in place. 

Sold in strips of 5 only.

Designed for temporary use of up to several months.

The road surface where the studs are to be applied should be clean, dry and free from dust or loose material. Application is not recommended when the ambient temperature is below 5°C. Studs must not be applied to a wet surface. In order to activate the full properties of the adhesive, the road surface should be gently preheated to a temperature of 50°C (hand hot), care must be taken to ensure that the road surface is not overheated, as this will cause damage to the surface. If prevailing ambient temperature conditions are low, then the adhesive pad attached to the stud should be warmed to above 10°C.

The release paper on the base of the stud should then be removed carefully and the stud placed into position. Firm foot pressure should be immediately applied to the stud to ensure good contact with the surface. Then a vehicle should slowly overrun the applied studs so that a small bead of adhesive appears around the base of the stud. When applying studs to certain surfaces and in adverse weather conditions, an adhesion enhancer may be found to be beneficial. Application to be, as above but after heating the surface, the following additional instructions should be noted.

A solvent-based adhesive, can be applied to the load-bearing surface where the stud is to be positioned and it is important the adhesive be tack cured before applying the stud. Application of the adhesive improves the performance of the stud particularly in adverse weather conditions. The installed studs should be allowed to cure before opening the road to traffic.