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Swissmex Compression Sprayer 5L

Swissmex Compression Sprayer 5L ACID1

  • €66.04

This Chemical Pump Sprayer comes with a 1 gallon capacity and is a robustly constructed pressure sprayer with long flexible hose for extra reach and easy- to-use on/off trigger. Comes with handy carry strap. Compression sprayer designed for the exclusive use of acids in the industrial and construction fields.

  •     Acid resistant high quality plastic components
  •     Drains from the bottom, allowing to completely empty the tank
  •     High performance pump provides enough pressure to empty the tank with two sessions of 40 full strokes
  •     Seals made of acid resistant materials
  •     Very heavy duty tank treated with UV inhibitors
  •     Shut-off valve with filter and locking pin for continuous spraying
  •     Pressure relief valve that activates at 42 PSI to prevent over-pressurisation
  •     Long, flexible NBR acid-resistant hose
  •     Steel spring that prevents hose from deforming
  •     Acid-resistant PVC spray lance
  •     Non-absorbent shoulder strap with rubber pad
  •     80 degrees flat fan plastic tip
  •     Accepts any commercial tip