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Spear & Jackson Insulated Cable Laying

Spear & Jackson Insulated Cable Laying 2027PF/INS12

  • €66.05

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• Safety: Two layers of insulating material - when white material show through, it warns the user that the tool needs replacing • Safety: Integrated hand stop to prevent the hand slipping onto the forged head • Safety: Rounded corners reduce the risk of damage to pipes and cables • Ultimate Strength and Durability: Oil, chemical and water resistant polyfibre shafts • Comfort: All shovels have round bar treads Conforms to Irish Standard BS8020:2011 for working on or near live cable and wires - individually tested to 1,000 volts. Each shovel includes an individual Certificate of Conformity and is marked with an unique traceability number.

Model No. Handle Head Size (mm) Head Size (") Socket
2027PF/INS12 733mm (28.7/8") 276 x 144 10.7/8" x 5.1/2" 300mm (11.7/8")