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Portable Site Hoarding Fence Panel

Portable Site Hoarding Fence Panel



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Portable Temporary hoarding panels are commonly used to form a private & safe perimeter fence during demolition and construction works, as well as being used at large events such as music festivals.

Portable Site Hoarding Panels are a secure & private way of securing your site perimeter. This form of temporary fencing is easy to install & increases your site security significantly when compared to the standard see-through temporary mesh fencing panels.

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Full Description

Portable steel hoarding panels are connected to one another using fence clips (couplers). We advise using two couplers per connection, on at the top of the panel and one at the bottom, in order to ensure that the system is well connected. The panels are made up of 38.1mm tube on either side. The tube extends beyond the bottom of the panel allowing them to be slotted directly into rubber block fence feet. These feet will support the panel, ensuring that it stays in place and does not slip or easily fall over.

Hoarding panels are manufactured using pre-galvanised steel & come in this form as standard. The fencing panels can then be painted or powder coated in various colours and we can match up the hoarding panel colour to match your corporate colours if required. Where aesthetics are important we strongly recommend a powder coating finish as it a far superior option. Painting is a budget solution that is perfect where you are looking for a cost effective solution, however the pain may run or scratch relatively easy, when compared with powder coated temporary hoarding panels.

Portable temporary fencing hoarding panels are manufactured using corrugated galvanised steel sheet. The profile of these steel sheets adds strength to the hoarding panel, whilst also acting as a deterrent against graffiti & vandalization. The frame of the panel is made up using vertical tubes that run down either side of the panel. These are longer than the corrugates sheets allowing for the tubes to fit in rubber block fence feet in order to support the panel. Vertically across the top and bottom of the hoarding panels runs a specially designed channel, which is bird mouthed to snuggly fit flush around the tube & firmly hold the corrugated steel sheets in place.

There are further accessories for improving your portable hoarding system.

Access control: you can allow pedestrians to gain access through the portable hoarding system by inserting a standalone pedestrian gate or a built-in portable hoarding security gate. For vehicles you can look at inserting a portable hoarding vehicle gate or a more robust heavy duty vehicle gate system.

Visual & Security: You can add bottom, middle and top strips across the panel to further improve the appearance. You can also look at using colour co-ordinated infills and ground skirts. These will give you the image you want while ensuring that there are no gaps in your temporary hoarding system, securing civilians from flying debris and increasing the privacy of your project. Ground skirts cover the gap between the bottom of the panel and the floor, whereas vertical infills fill the gap in-between temporary fence hoarding panels.

Wind Resistance: A steel hoarding system can also be re-enforced using in-ground hoarding stabilisers or a stabiliser and block tray system. This makes the temporary fencing system more secure in adverse weather conditions. We suggest using a stabiliser every other hoarding panel connection, although you can use one on every connection for use in area that suffer from particularly poor weather conditions. For increased strength and durability we also offer our specially designed Safe Base Wind Resistance System, which is available as a single or double block tray solution.


Width: 2.1 meters

Height: 2.0 meter / 2.4 meter

Weight: 30 / 40 kg

Finish: Galvanised / Painted (one side) / Powder coated (one side)

0.75mm thick profiled steel cladding - two sheets overlapped in the middle of the hoarding panel and secured together with two rivets

Tek screws and spot welding secure the steel cladding to the outer frame

Channel 43mm x 35mm x 1.2mm top & bottom (8mm lip on rear to hold cladding in place and prevent rattling) - the steel channel running along the top and bottom of our portable hoarding panels are notched so that they sit tightly around the tubes running up either side of the steel fence panel, allowing for a stronger connection. They also have an outlet for water to increase the longevity of the panel and help guard against rusting.


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