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Kraft Single Action Trowel Bracket CC658

Kraft Single Action Trowel Bracket CC658 CC658

  • €15.50

Kraft Single Action Trowel Bracket CC658


Transform your concrete finishing trowel into a fresno with this bracket.

Remove the standard handle from the shank and slide this bracket on in its place.

The brackets fits snuggly on the shank of all Kraft Tool Flat Trowels.

The back of the bracket extends down to cradle the shank while providing support tot the bracket.

The rectangle that forms between the bracket and shank provides balance to the tool.

This swivel bracket allows for 360° degrees of movement to move in any angle along the surface.

The trowel is now a small fresno with extended reach to get into awkward spaces.

Use with a Narrow Clevis Handle, sold separately.

Use a Handle Adapter for use with Threaded or Button Bull Float Handles, sold separately.

Proudly made in the USA.

Turn your trowel into a fresno!

Bracket cradles shank for support

Bracket is balanced for ease of use

Allows 360° of handle movement

Fits all Kraft Tool Flat Trowels

Use with Clevis Handles, sold separately

Made in the USA