Jefferson 300mm (12") General Purpose Diamond Blade JEFDIBLR-300T

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Suitable for general masonry - concrete floors, slabs, slate, paving stones, facing bricks.

The Jefferson Diamond Consaw Blade range has been engineered with an extended service life in mind.  Increased diamond density and segment heights improve performance over many of our competitors, 10mm segment height on our 4 1/2” and 9” blades and 12mm on the 12” blades and 14” blades, greatly increases the lifespan of our blades.  Many of our competitors use between 5 to 10mm for similar sized blades.


Size: 300mm / 12"
Bore: 22mm
Max. Speed: 100m/s
Max. RPM: 5100rpm
Gross Weight: 1.3 kgs