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JCB Beaver Power Pack & Standard Breaker

JCB Beaver Power Pack & Standard Breaker BEAVER + HM25

  • €3,954.55

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Comes complete with hydraulic hose and hammer.

A growing tide of opinion says that hydraulic powerpacks make better business sense than rival pneumatic or electric options. The combination of performance and a compact user-friendly design has ensured that the overall efficiency really is without comparison. Not surprisingly, JCB is leading the way. We offer
a comprehensive range of powerpacks,breakers and tools which set the standards by which others are judged.

The Beaver are renowned for power, productivity and versatility.
Yet probably their most important attribute is the degree of compactness and portability that allows them to be easily stored,easily transported and easily moved to site. 

Comes complete with breaker and chisel. 

  • Very robust cast steel construction for strength 
  • High reliability and long service life,thanks to their having only two moving parts and constant lubrication 
  • by hydraulic oil 
  • Sealed hydraulic system resulting in low noise (no exhaust port) and elimination of freezing problems 
  • Practical design for ease of servicing. Removal of just two bolts gives full service access and no special tools 
  • are required 
  • Vibro Damped handles which give amongst the lowest vibration levels of any equivalent breaker

  • Power-on-demand system that reduces off load engine speed to idle,
  • giving reduced noise levels,less engine wear and lower fuel consumption 
  • Unique suction circuit eliminates pulsation damage 
  • Swing open frame provides excellent maintenance access to engine and hydraulics 
  • Variable flow control lever for tool speed control 
  • A lightweight compact design and lift up handle makes portability second to none