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Ideal Gas Single Headed Gas Torch

Ideal Gas Single Headed Gas Torch TM0142

  • €108.95

The Ideal Gas Single Headed Gas Torch is used with propane gas for a wide range of applications. This torch can be used to burn weeds and unwanted vegetation without chemicals, heating roofing materials, water and sand, thawing out frozen pipes, heating motors and melts away ice and snow. The 32ft long hose and 22 inch long fireproof handle makes it easy to use this torch in hard to reach areas. This torch has a reliable automatic piezo ignition and a safety valve that blocks gas flow in the event of accidental hose break.

  • Turbo burner
  • Reliable automatic piezo ignition
  • Safety valve
  • Fireproof hand grip

Height: 881mm
Width: 221mm
Depth: 71mm
Weight: 7lb