Goalposts Height Restriction Barriers with Steel Base & Crossbar GS6KIT2

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The Guardian Goalpost Kit 2 is our upgraded entry level package that includes 2 x 7.38m GS6 telescopic pole, 2 x galvanised steel bases and our state of the art telescopic crossbar for height restriction.

Kit Includes
2 x 7.38m GS6 Telescopic Pole
2 x Galvanised Steel Base
1 x 7m Telescopic Crossbar

With more prominent red and white sections, the kit is highly visible from distance, with stronger glass fibre tube insulated to over 75kv.

The unique ''Anti-Pinch'' clamping system makes extending the Guardian Goalposts completely hassle free.

Whatever the field of work is, on site safety is of paramount importance. With the GS6 Height Restriction Barriers, valuable damage and harm can be avoided. Work sites are busy places, which is why it is vital to ensure there is efficient warnings to avoid any danger.

The GS6 Goalposts are used to warn vehicles to the dangers of overhead cables, bridges and power lines, 100% compliant with the HSE GS6 Guidelines. The Height Restriction Barriers are available in Red/White and Blue/White.

Galvanised Steel Base
The galvanised steel bases are imperative for safe and secure functionality. For increased security, anchoring the bases with sandbags is highly recommended. Alternatively, you can fix the bases in place using anchor bolts with the 4 accessible holes.

The telescopic crossbar is the most secure method of overhead height restriction. In harsher weather conditions, the crossbar is a lot more effective than alternative methods. The pole is made from fibre glass, and functions in the same way the standard telescopic poles do.


Operating Instructions