Hawk Tuff Tread Trench Cover TT9-13

  • €120.00

The Hawk Tuff Tread conforms to the latest HAUC regulations. It is a single-man lift Trench/Footpath Cover which boasts great strength and durability. The cover consists of a PVC Skirt that is manufactured from 100% recycled material and high strength steel bars internally. The Hawk Tuff Tread is also 100% recyclable.


  • PVC Skirt for increased grip.
  • PVC Skirt can be retro-fitted.
  • Can be supplied with or without PVC Skirt.
  • 4 fixing holes for bolting to the ground.
  • Anti-Slip pattern.
  • Designed with Anti-Trip edges.
  • Able to withstand over a 1 tonne spot load.
  • Supports a 4 tonne vehicle distribution.
  • Built in handles for easy lifting.
  • Single man lift.
  • Corporate logos can be embossed*
  • Manufactured in High Density Polyethylene & recycled PVC.
  • Manufactured in yellow for high visibility, corporate colours available*
  • 100% Recyclable.


  • Conforms to National Grid T/SP/E/42
  • Conforms to HAUC Advice Note No. 2018/01
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works
  • – A Code of Practice.
  • Conforms to slip resistance of BS 7976: Part 2

Each corner piece of the Hawk Tuff Tread is moulded with high accuracy out of recycled PVC. Careful design and consideration has been implemented into the location of the pieces onto the HDPE Trench Cover. Each piece seamlessly slots over each corner of the cover, with a vast array of fixing locations on both the underside, and top of the cover, to use to secure the pieces to the cover.

Each corner piece is fixed to the Cover using a collection of rivets which sit countersunk into the PVC.


Spec Sheet
Slip Resistance Testing
Load Testing - Lloyds British
Load Testing - University of Sheffield