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Explo-Safe Yellow Jerrycan

Explo-Safe Yellow Jerrycan JC0020YEX

  • €95.05

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Explo-Safe Yellow Jerrycan, 20 Litre / 5.28 USGal, Steel

• Robust Triple Handle
• Filled with aluminium foil mesh, which absorbs heat and prevents explosion risk
• Powder coated rust-resistant exterior paint
• Inside lining of Rezol enamel to prevent internal rusting from petrol, oil, water or alcohol making the can 100% safe from flaking
• Completely Leak proof bayonet closure
• 0.9mm thick steel for ‘best in industry’ strength
• Full breather facility for fast, splash-proof pouring with full breather pipe
• In cap locking pin for additional safety

The Explo-Safe Yellow Jerrycan has a honeycomb structure of extruded aluminium, evenly packed into the fuel can and occupying just 1 per cent of volume, disperses heat build-up so rapidly that no hot spot can develop and cause an explosion.

The performance of Explo-Safe has been optimised and proven satisfactory when tested  for ballistic impact, slosh, vibration, compaction, contamination, corrosion, static attenuation, fuel displacement, fuel retention, and handling. They are especially recommended for use in the areas where there is a risk of explosion or fire.

Explo-safe cans are manufactured in accordance with UN/ADR dangerous goods transportation rules.

Manufactured to the highest standards for military use and tested to comply with