Enar Spyder Pro 110v Poker with 48mm Head

Enar Spyder Pro 110v Poker with 48mm Head SPYDER-PRO-48

  • €1,095.00

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New and improved, durable integrated high frequency 48mm poker and converter.

Running from a 110v supply the converter / switch box transforms the voltage to an even safer 42v and converts the normal 50HZ to 200HZ.

The perfect frequency to power the High Frequency Poker containing the Motor In-head.

The High Frequency Poker vibrates the surrounding concrete to remove entrained air so the concrete sets at full strength with minimal voids.

  • Converter and Poker integrated into a single unit
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Electronic input and output protection for better reliability
  • Tough aluminium casing for increased site durability