New Box-Model Blade
Honda Concrete Screed Huracan  with 5m Blade (Box Beam)

Honda Concrete Screed Huracan with 5m Blade (Box Beam) HURACAN H-5

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Enar Concrete Screed Huracan with 5m box beam.

Aluminium screed.

Symmetrical screed bar that doubles the useful life with a simple change.

Screed bar and frame manually separated for transport.

Folding handle that reduces the transport volume by 50%.

Power of the eccentric weights adjustable in 4 positions in order to adapt to the length of the screed bar and the thickness of the concrete to vibrate.

Motor separated from the ground, which prevents splashing and reduces the risk of dirt.

Multi-point, adjustable acceleration.

Semi-rigid transmission that absorbs horizontal and vertical oscillations.

Transmission system with a centrifugal clutch.

High performance per surface area and volume of concrete vibrated.