DURO ULTRA Carbide Rippa Consaw Blade

DURO ULTRA Carbide Rippa Consaw Blade 300DU-RB

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A unique welded tip carbide saw blade for use on petrol driven saws and angle grinders with a reduced noise and vibration centre. Blade is bi-directional.

DURO ULTRA RIPPA blades have been tested in-house and approved for sale in the UK by B.S.I and in line with the GPSD (General Product Safety Directive)


Tree Roots – Wood Boards and Planks – Fence Panels – Thin Sheet Metal – Nails – Screws – Flashing – Decking – Groundwork – Rubber – Plastic – Abrasive Blocks – Flat Roofs – Tar

Anything a diamond blade can’t cut!

Size: 300x 20.0 mm


Duro manufacture very high quality Consaw Blades, Cutting Discs