Duro DPA/C Concrete / Asphalt Consaw Blade

Duro DPA/C Concrete / Asphalt Consaw Blade DPA/C BLADE024

  • €108.95
  • Save €16


A laser welded blade with a wide gullet design, 13mm conical segments and 3 deep draft segments for lower vibration levels and longer life. Fast cutting with a long life.

Indian stone / Class A Engineering bricks / Clay products / All reinforced concrete types / Granite / Hard bricks / Abrasive materials / Asphalt / Concrete kerbs, beams, lintels & flags

  • 13mm segment height
  • Wide gullet
  • Double Core Protection
  • Ventilated Core
  • Laser welded
  • 3 deep draft segments

Duro manufacture very high quality Consaw Blades, Cutting Discs