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Complete Unit
Enar Dingo 110V Poker with 4mt Hose and 25mm Head

Enar Dingo 110V Poker with 4mt Hose and 25mm Head 296202-4M-25mm

  • €595.00

DINGO portable concrete vibrator. A very light and easy to handle concrete vibrator that comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport, additionally, the DINGO has 3 handles for easy transportation as well as providing protection to the highly resistant housing.

The case also uses an air filter to protect against dust entering and causing damage. The DINGO comes with a 3hp motor to run the full range of AX vibrators (25mm to 58mm) and TDX transmissions (0.5m to 6m). The TDX transmissions are reinforced and the AX poker heads are fitted with 4 oiled bearings for intensive use.

Dual purpose exoskeleton framework serves as a set of handles and protection.

  • Reinforced cable at motor outlet.
  • Extra strong housing
  • Having three different handles to choose from results in a very versatile drive unit.
  • Anti-abrasion hose with integrated mesh reinforcement and interior strapping.
  • Removable and adjustable belt.
  • Water resistant switch.
  • Poker Lead is 4 mt long.
  • Poker Head is 25mm