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C-Scope CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool

C-Scope CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool CXL4

  • €995.00

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The C.Scope CXL4 cable detection gun is packed full of functions and features that make discovering cables and pipes exceedingly simple.

Capable of operating on both 33kHz and 131kHz, this detector has four different modes, a built-in alarm for shallow underground services and will even alert you if there’s too much swing that could affect accuracy.

Data Storage, Any data you do record will be logged away for up to a year and can be uploaded to a PC, a Bluetooth device or to Google services including Earth and Maps

Data Storage true
Self Calibration false
Responsible Choice No
Depth (m) 3
Depth (m) Options 3
Battery weight (kg) 0.184
Bulb weight (kg) 0
WEEE Category 6
WEEE Indicator true


The CXL4 is a dual-frequency (33+131kHz) Cable Avoidance Tool.
In-built Data Logging, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS tracking options.
Designed for use with an SGA4 or SGV4 Signal Generator.