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Bulldog Bad Dog Heavy-Duty Scraper

Bulldog Bad Dog Heavy-Duty Scraper BDDS-241402

  • €39.95

The Bulldog BDDS Bad Dog Multi Purpose Scraper is a heavy duty floor scraper that has a tempered head which is ideal for scraping, digging and chipping, the long fibreglass handle gives you a huge reach to scrape those hard to reach places.

  • Heavy Duty floor scraper for demolition
  • Used for chipping, digging, scraping, concrete/tile, carpet removal and demolition duties
  • Fibreglass handle meaning its lightweight so will be easy to use throughout the day
  • 54" Shaft giving you the lengths to get in to those harder places
  • Blade Width: 180 mm
  • Length: 1371 mm
  • Handle Material: Fibreglass
  • Years Guaranteed: 5