Belle PCX 13/40 Honda Heavyweight Combination Plate Compactor

Belle PCX 13/40 Honda Heavyweight Combination Plate Compactor PCX 13/40

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Heavyweight professional compaction plates with low HAV and very high performance compaction. Designed with a shorter baseplate to offer improved compaction, manoeuvrability and finish.

  • Foldable mounted guide handle offers superior manoeuvrability and can be lowered to operate under obstacles and close to form work.
  • Reinforced centrifugal clutch ensures longer belt life, and simplified belt adjustment
  • Lifting points and front lift cage offer easier loading and unloading for operator convenience
  • Large capacity water tank is built into the protective frame
  • Angled holes on spray bar allow complete water coverage over the full width preventing any asphalt pick-up on plate bottom
  • The spraybar is fully protected from damage, easily positioned,with integral paving pad clamp points
  • Optional compact wheelkit, easily fitted and removed
  • Life lubricated vibration bearings

Water tank not included.


FC4000EW With water kit

FC4000E Without water kit
Model PCX 13/40 PCX 13/40
Engine Power (hp/kW) Honda Petrol GX120 4/3 Honda Petrol GX120 4/3
Plate Size WxL (mm) 400 x 606 400 x 606
Static Pressure (kg/m2) 542 520
Centrifugal Force (kN) 13 13
Travel Speed (m/min) 20 20
Vibration (m/sec2) / usage (hrs) 3.2 / 4.53 3.2 / 4.53
Weight (kg) 87 83.5