• €795.05


All our boilers come complete with hinged lid, burner, regulator and armored cable.

Our bitumen boiler melts down a bituminous compound into a liquid state, prior to application. The boilers in which you place the bitumen are heated to very high temperatures that should never exceed above 260ºc.

These heavy duty boilers are engineered specifically to reach ‘inferno’ type temperatures to change the properties of bitumen. 

All boilers are fitted with carrying handles so that you can move the boiler safely, avoiding nasty scalds or burns.  As with any hot product, suitable clothing and protective gear must be used.

Made from Hardox steel, very lightweight and durable.


  • Solid durable design- boilers will last you on the road due to their sturdy construction
  • Removable inner pot- helps with cleaning the product after use, as jobs can get messy
  • Burner opening- Insert and remove the burner with no hassle due to a burner opening gate at the bottom of the bitumen boiler