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Certified Tarmac/Bitumen Strips QUICKBAND

  • €13.95

Thermoplastic Overbanding Tape designed to instantly stop asphalt joint fretting and prevent further joint exposure.

HAPAS approved Quickband is a specially formulated Overbanding Tape. Providing a quick and efficient means of joint sealing asphalt surfacing, Quickband instantly prevents water ingress & associated frost damage and is manufactured with a bauxite coating to maintain skid resistance performance.

  • Stops joint fretting instantly
  • HAPAS approved
  • Innovative surface adhesion
  • Quick and simply applied
  • Achieves 70+ SRV
  • Self applied- No contractor fees
  • Highly durable
  • Cut to any desired length
  • No plastic backing removal
  • Quick application and drying time
  • Size: 35mm x 5 metre
  • Burn on lines/Tarmac Strips

Call for discount on bulk purchases.