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Tarmac Rejuvenator

Tarmac Rejuvenator TM0043

  • €90.00

Tarmac Rejuvenator from The Tool Depot is an environmentally safe and easy to use, waterbased driveway restoration and refurbishment product.


To re-colour and rejuvenate existing areas of faded Tarmac and Asphalt.

Unlike tarmac paints available in your local DIY and web based stores, our Tarmac Rejuvenator is a heavy duty, commercial quality product that not only re colours faded and worn surfaces, but also helps to bond any loose stones, greatly increasing the life span of the paving.

Key Benefits to the Homeowner

  • Makes your Tarmac driveway look as good as new by restoring its colour at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Protects against normal wear and tear, thereby doubling or even trebling the life of your driveway.
  • Enables easy-clean of oil leaks and fuel spillages from your Tarmac drive.
  • Severely inhibits weed, algae and moss growth from your Tarmac drive.
  • Helps prevent cracking in your Tarmac drive.

What Are My Choices?


If your tarmac is generally in good condition but requires a wash down and application of our Tarmac Rejuvenator you can purchase all the items necessary direct from ourselves.

Professional Refurbishment

If you would like a free no obligation quotation for the refurbishment of your tarmac please click the link to go to Ask us a question

Application Instructions

In essence the 3 stages are very simple:

  • Prepare the ground
  • Thoroughly mix your our Tarmac Rejuvenator
  • Apply our Tarmac Rejuvenator to the surface area with a roller or brush.


The porosity and texture of the surface will have an effect on the amount of material required. Generally a 5ltr unit will be sufficient for an area of between 10 and 15 m² and a 20ltr unit for an area of between 40 and 60 m².