Sealey Battery Charger 16A 12/24V 230V CHARGE112

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• Steel case with a sturdy carry handle, this single phase charger features good ventilation to help maintain low transformer temperatures.
• A large ammeter displays rate of charge and a dash-mounted fuse provides polarity protection in the event of the clips being connected incorrectly.
• Rocker switches control variable output to the battery to maintain peak condition.
• Suitable for regular and low maintenance batteries.

Nett Weight: 6.20kg

Output: 12/24V

Output Charge Peak(EN): 16A(12A)

Battery Range: 20-180Ah

Input Charge: 0.9A

Charging Rates: 2

Supply: 230V

Polarity Protection: Fuse (1 x 30A)

Fuse: MF3010 (Pack of 10), CHARGE112.07 (Single)