Sealey Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Shade 9-13 - Blue PWH2

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• Welding helmet with infinitely adjustable shade control between 9-13.
• Complies with BS EN 379, BS EN 175 and DIN standards.
• True colour technology for improved depth perception, allowing far greater welding precision.
• Fully automatic switching from light to dark on striking arc.
• Shade is selected by a rotary knob on side of helmet.
• Grinding function enables user to grind without removing mask.
• Solar panel power supply - no batteries required.
• Features sensitivity and delay controls for switching light to dark.
• Suitable for MIG, TIG, arc welding and grinding.

Grinding Function: Yes

Nett Weight: 535g

Operating Temperature: -5°C to +55°C

Operating Time Light/Dark: 0.04ms

Power: Solar Cells

Shade Active: 9-13 Variable

Shade Inactive: 4

Viewing Area: 92x42mm