Rekord 29 Bitumen Boiler

Rekord 29 Bitumen Boiler TM0145

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Regulated and Certified

Rekord boilers are the only certified bitumen boilers available on the Irish market.  Safer than conventional boilers, they meet all health and safety regulations associated with bitumen boilers.  Each boiler comes with a propane burner, hose and regulator.  The tub can easily  be pulled out and used as a bucket.

Quicker to heat than conventional boilers.

Longer lasting, manufactured from hardox-type steel.

Content: approx. 29 l
Bitumen through-put: 60 l/h
Max. propane consumpt.: approx. max. 0,8 kg/h
Operating pressure: 1,5 bar
Weight: approx. 27 kg