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Loncin LC3500 Generator

Loncin LC3500 Generator LC3500 (D) -A

  • €595.00

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Excellent reliability

As a reliable manufacture, Loncin is initiative to undertake the commitment of partners to consumers, taking partners’ social responsibility as own responsibility.  Loncin persists to implementing lean management to promote manufacturing and quality control level, providing reliable products to customers.

Durability Improvement

Updated cylinder head wind scooper, enlarge the inlet-wind flow, make the temperature of the fuel tank 28K decrease, alternator 18K decrease( When the temperature of alternator increase every 8K, life of the alternator will be reduce half), to make it more reliable; We use strengthen frame, bigger tube, more strengthen, make the diameter of the tube from 25mm to 28 mm; muffler cover ( inside), add the strengthening rib, make it more strengthen.  

Visual Improvement

With imaging description and warming decals, easy for customer understand technical process, avoid linguistic misunderstanding.

Safety Improvement

Improved control panel. We entirely separate weak -current circuit and High voltage circuit. This change make the customer operate more convenient, make it safer. We use strengthen fuel tank, to improve the hardness of the fuel tank and make it bigger; We add a wire box to protect the wires, to anti-water, anti-dust and make it safer; We updated muffler cover, protect area bigger, can avoid accident hurt, make it safer.

Improve on Customer Usage

We prepare two kind of handle and wheels, both of them are with locking mechanism and handle rubber, it can save your effort 20%-40% when you want to move the generator. 9.5” PVC wheels, more bearing capability, more passing ability.


• Loncin strong commercial engine. 
• AVR, Voltage adjust.
• Low Oil sensor protection.
• Cradle, Overall protection, easy move and storage.
• Widely option for control panel, EU, US and AU receptacle for choice.
• Self-start and remoter start as an optional.
• Frequency, 50/60 Hz. Voltage, including, 110/150/120/220/230/240V to be optional. 
• With or Without Wheels and handle.
• Start, Recoil or E-start.
• With optional choice for output: single phase or triple phase 380/400/415V.