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JSP K2™ Twin Tail Lanyard

JSP K2™ Twin Tail Lanyard FAR0405

  • €116.60

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K2™ Twin Tail elasticated fall arrest lanyard with internal shock absorber

Features And Benefits

• Elasticated twin lanyard with incorporated shock absorbing webbing.
• 40 mm wide tubular polyester webbing with textile loops.
• Relaxed length: 1.4 m to 1.6 m.
• Expanded length: 2.0 m
• Conforms to EN355:2002

Delivered with:

• 1 quarter turn aluminium connector. Gate opening: 21 mm. conforms to EN362:2004 Class B.
• 2 aluminium scaffold hooks. Gate opening: 60 mm. Conforms to EN362:2004 Class T.