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Emergency Spill Kit

Emergency Spill Kit TM0016

  • €99.05

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Nobody wants an oil spill; however, accidents do happen. Don’t be caught unprepared! Like a fire extinguisher is to a fire, a spill kit is to an oil or chemical spill. Choose the right spill clean up kit for your company’s needs.

Why do i need an emergency spill kit?

Pollution Prevention Guideline 22 (Dealing With Spills) Section 6.4 states “Make sure your site has stocks of pollution control equipment, suitable for your stored materials, readily available and where possible stored near possible spill sites. These could be stored as spill kits.”

Our Emergency Spill Kit comes in a Velcro-close vinyl bag with self adhesive Velcro strips and metal rings on rear of bag for attaching to a fork lift.

  • Small easy to transport bag
  • Attaches to Forklift
  • 25  Litre Oil Spill Kits