Crowd Control Barrier - Fixed Leg MB0033

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Crowd Control Barriers help clearly mark footpaths and guide pedestrian traffic safely. These fixed leg barriers require no accessories and can easily deal with uneven terrain. Our crowd barriers are available in a galvanised finish as standard, which guards against rusting, but the barriers can be powder coated if required. 

Crowd control barriers (also referred to as ped barriers and crowd control barricades), are commonly used at many public events. They are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations and outdoor festivals. Event organisers, venue managers, and security personnel use crowd control barriers as part of their crowd management planning. We have Crowd Barrier Covers also available to enhance brand awareness of your event or project.

Crowd control barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, used to demarcate "no access" zones, and to designate space for queues. These crowd control barriers are most effective when they are interlocked using the "hook and eye" connected on the outside edge of each steel barrier. When pedestrian barriers are interlocked, security personnel can create lines of barriers that are very difficult to penetrate. This is because when the ped barriers are interlocked they become stronger and can't be easily toppled over.

Our crowd control barriers are particularly strong because they have a singular piece of tube making up the entire frame, resulting in only one joint. They also have stronger than average crowd barrier legs due to the thicker gauge of steel used (1.2mm), meaning they can take the weight of people standing on them without the need for an extra support bar. This results in a crowd barrier that lasts longer, making it perfect for hiring or using multiple times, making your money go further. Combine that with an incredible label price and you have yourself a fantastic deal.

We favour this more robust barrier, as damage to crowd barriers is most often caused by site machinery or the public. By choosing a barrier that uses thicker gauge steel you can dramatically increase the life span of your crowd barriers.