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Belle PCX 16/45 Honda Heavyweight Plate Compactor with Water Tank

Belle PCX 16/45 Honda Heavyweight Plate Compactor with Water Tank PCX 16/45-WT

  • €1,644.55

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Heavyweight professional compaction plates with low Hand Arm Vibration levels, very high performance compaction and travels speeds.

  • High performance 16kN vibration unit for excellent travel speed.
  • High Compaction Force reduces usage times
  • Engineered to be robust and durable for rental and heavy contractor use.
  • Heavy Duty Remote Throttle.
  • Strong protective frame as standard.
  • Integrated Quick Engage Wheel Kit.
  • Large diameter Wheels to aid transportation on rough terrain.
  • Quick Locating Handle Latch for increased stability whilst operating the Wheel Kit.
  • Low HAV handles that still allow precision control.
  • 8mm thick long life base plate for optimum compaction and reliability.
  • Pull Bar for increased maneuverability.
  • Optional Easy-Fit 12-litre Water Tank & Easy-Clean Spraybar system with durable metallic Water Control Tap for high flow rate.

Water tank included.

Ref MC4501
Model PCX 16/45 Honda Petrol
Engine Power (Hp - kW) 5.5 - 4.0
Vibrator Force (kN) 16
Static Pressure (kg/m2) 478.8
Max. Gradient (°) 20
Travel Speed (m/min) 21
Vibration Level (m/sec2) 2.87
Weight (kg)
Operating Dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 450 x 1065 x 995
*Not including water tank