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Belle Brick/Block Paving Tool Set

Belle Brick/Block Paving Tool Set MBS02/9/4

  • €249.05

Only 1 left!

A range of Block Paving Tools

A range of hand tools designed to make the laying and maintaining of block paving sets quick and easy.

  • Block Mallet
  • Designed to force blocks into place without marking or damaging.
  • Square-shaped head to achieve best contact and reduce the risk of potential damage.
  • 3kg square rubber head, 700mm long extra thick handle.

  • Gap Wedge
  • Used to force a gap between laid blocks for extraction or maintenance.
  • Fitted with two sizes of hardened wedges.

  • Block Lifter
  • Lifts a block out from a set with no damage.
  • Adjusts to accept block sizes between 90 - 240mm.
  • Long handles for ease of operation.